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Next steps

Thank you for submitting your custom order request! You are on your way to finalizing your order. Please check your email inbox shortly (including spam folders) for a summary of your order and next steps. Below, you will also find next steps to finalizing your order and securing your date on the bake schedule.

    Step 1
  • Sr. Cake Artist reviews order request to confirm details and prepares a quote.
  • In 1-3 business days you receive the quote (PayPal Invoice) via email.
    Step 2
  • You review and confirm custom order details* in the quote are correct.
  • Pay by the due date on your PalPay invoice to finalize your order.
    Step 3
  • Save your PayPal receipt because it:
    • -Finalizes your custom order request securing your spot on the baking calendar!
    • -Contains your pickup date and time at the bottom for your convenience.

*If your custom order details are not correct on the quote you receive, please notify us immediately via email to avoid processing delays. We are not responsible for delays caused by submitting partial, incomplete or inaccurate information. Please review our Policies Regarding Custom Order Requests.