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Exclusive Service

Private Consultations” are an exclusive service provided by an owner or senior cake artist for customers who have very specialized needs, or complex requirements. This exclusive service ensures you speak directly to an experienced cake artist who can provide you with professional guidance on how to best accomplish the design theme for your special event. This service is primarily for customers who are planning an extravagant event. Private consultations are available Monday-Thursday via Zoom or telephone calls and must be booked in advance.

The Details

$40 for 30 minutes

The cost for a Private Consultation is $40 for 30 minutes to discuss and confirm the details of a custom order request. This non-refundable fee is collected at the time a consultation is booked and does not go towards the cost of your cake/custom order. Once your private consultation is booked you will be contacted via Zoom or telephone at your scheduled appointment time.

Have questions?

The Hive Cake Shop neither requires, nor recommends, customers book a private consultation to process a custom order request. Customers may submit your custom order request in our online ordering system created just for you!  For more information about our online ordering system see “Section II. Understanding the Online Ordering Process” under our Policies Regarding Custom Order Inquiries.

Please note a private consultation is not the same service as a Wedding Consultation. For Wedding Consultation information email us at or submit a custom order request for wedding consultation information and a Cake Artist will contact you. You may use the form at the bottom of this page to request a Private Consultation or email us directly to schedule this service.

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