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  • If you’re looking for quick turn-around and/or trying to stick to a strict budget, a pre-designed cake might be the way to go. Don’t let the term “pre-designed” fool you. These cakes were all custom designed in-house, are beautiful, and delicious!
  • Custom order cakes are great for customers that have some time to plan (at least 2 weeks) and meet one or all the notes below!
    • You are serving a large group
    • You are looking for something very specific
    • You have a budget of at least $65
  • In most cases, no! Private Consultations are an exclusive service provided by an owner or senior cake artist for customers who have very specialized needs, or complex requirements. Learn more here!
  • We have created an online ordering system specifically for this! Please start here and have example images ready to upload!
  • Placing your order two-weeks before your desired date is highly recommended due to high demand.
  • Yes. That said, we are not a certified gluten free or nut free kitchen.
  • It’s a great place to start! For wedding consultation information, we encourage you to start with a custom cake request. After review, a cake artist will contact you with next steps! You may also email us directly at

No. Once the cake or order leaves the shop with a client we are no longer responsible for damages incurred. 

Which Cake is Right for Me?

Pre-Designed Cakes

  • Turn around time varies from 3-5 business days.
  • Only some of our pre-designed cakes are available gluten free. Please check the cake description for an option to make Gluten Free. That said, we are not a certified gluten free or nut free kitchen.
  • Pick-up days are Monday-Thursday from 9am to 5pm and Friday/Saturday from 9am to 1pm.
  • While we try to accommodate all our customers, we cannot guarantee a change to the pick-up date.
  • No, pre-designed cake sales are nonrefundable. All sales are final.

Custom Cakes


We are not responsible for any damages inflicted upon a acake when a client transports their cake. Once the order leaves our shop we assume zero responsibly.  The only exception is if we are contracted for delivery services. 

  • No. While we do offer gluten free and nut free items, we are not a certified gluten free or nut free kitchen.
  • No. We neither require, nor recommend, customers book a private consultation to process a custom order request. The best place to request a custom cake is here.
  • “Business days” for order processing are defined as Monday – Friday.
  • All information related to in-person classes can be found at the top of this page!

No refunds are given for damages incurred to cakes when a client is transporting their cake. Once the cake leaves our shop we are no longer responsible for damages. 

Some specialty orders may require a deposit.  All deposits are considered non-refundable. 

This applies for ALL ORDERS (custom, pre-orders, online etc):   All orders are scheduled for personal appointment pickups.  We count on clients to be ON TIME for their order pickups.   Generally we permit a 30 minute "grace period" as we understand "things happen" from time-to-time.   However, we make no guarantee that staff will stay late to accommodate your personal schedule- especially when you are  a "no call, no show."    Customers should be advised that any pickup that is later that 30 minutes will be assessed a $40 late fee covering up-to one hour (additional fees may also be incurred for egregious/additional time). 

Orders that are not picked up on time run may not be able to retrieve their orders once staff has left for the day.  Because our hours vary based on other appointments, meetings, etc we reserve the right to close/leave the building once your order is deemed to be a "no call/no show." We also reserve the right to close/leave the builiding if your late pickup will cause tardiness or issue with another clients order/experience/meeting etc.  

In the event you have contacted us regarding being late, we will do our best to accommodate your tardiness.   However, this may mean picking up your order on an alternate day if nobody is available to return to the cake shop  (or stay late).    A late pickup fee will still be assessed.   

Orders may not be cancelled to avoid late pickup fees.