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Our custom cake flavors mirror our custom cupcake options. We also frequently design flavors or flavor combinations for our custom cake clients. We are happy to work with clients for their gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, or other dietary restrictions. Please fill out the custom cake request form below.  Please also use this form for any other Custom Order Request (ex. cookies, pastries, etc) by utilizing the write-in category options.  

I. Ground rules

a.) Placing your order two-weeks before your desired date is highly recommended due to high demand but we are happy to take a look at any request you wish to submit! We are happy to help if we have the availability!

b.) We are not an allergy free facility.

c.) All orders are processed in the order they are received through this online system. This includes orders initiated in the Hive Cake Shop. This rule applies to all including friends and family:)

d.) Order pickup days/times are as follows:

Monday-Friday : 9am-5pm

Saturdays:  8am-1pm 

Closed Sundays

e.) “Business days” for order processing are defined as Monday – Friday. Your cake order quote will arrive on one of these business days. Please monitor your email during the week to ensure you do not miss your order quote.

f.) Orders are ONLY finalized when payment is received.

II. Understanding the Online Ordering Process

a.) An order is submitted through online system.

b.) Online system generates a timestamped order and remits automatically generated emails to the customer and a Hive Cake Shop Cake Artist. These emails contain an exact copy of the order details submitted through the online system.

c.) Hive Cake Shop Senior Cake Artist reviews order details and generates a quote for customer’s review and acceptance. Acceptance of a custom order is confirmed by paying a quote by the due date indicated on the PayPal invoice. Payment of an order quote secures a customer’s spot on the baking schedule. Orders are not considered final, until payment is received.

d.) If a Cake Artist needs more information to generate a quote, s/he sends customer an email requesting the additional information. Please note, Hive Cake Shop Cake Artists do not stop processing orders when more information is needed to complete an order. This means if more information is needed to generate an accurate quote, the Cake Artist will proceed with providing quotes for subsequent orders in the queue while waiting for the information requested. It is not uncommon for subsequent orders to be finalized while waiting for information from an order received earlier. Because orders are only finalized when they are paid, it is possible for the bake schedule to fill up when subsequent orders are processed and paid. For this reason, we recommend you monitor your email for follow up communications from our Cake Artist. We cannot guarantee the bake schedule will not fill up for your preferred date while we are waiting for more information to provide you with an accurate quote.

III. Partial or Incomplete Orders

We are not responsible for delays caused by submitting partial, incomplete, or incorrect order information.

IV. Spam Folder Delays

We are not responsible for ordering delays that result from misdirected or missed emails. Our goal is to process every online submission as timely as possible in the order received. Spam folder delays can prevent your order from being processed timely.  We are not responsible for delays/issues/inability to accept an order due to "lost"," missing", or emails that are not received by the client. Checking your email address immediately after submitting a custom order request in the online system to confirm our email is not directed to a Spam folder can help you prevent delays in processing an order.

V. Internet Issues

We understand the Internet is not always accessible or convenient for customers. If you are not able to submit your custom order request through our online system, we have two options available to assist you with submitting an order.

Option 1:  Call our quick questions Consultation Hotline at 571-223-8769 on Monday through Friday between 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. and leave a voice or text.   Messages received on non-business days or holidays will be returned the next immediate business day.  A Cake Artist will return your call/text as soon as possible for a brief 10 minute consult. What does this consult consist of? The Cake Artist will ask you 6-7 simple questions and submit your request into the online system.  Please keep in mind that if we aren't answering phone calls then it means we're busy filling custom orders but look forward to getting back to you as soon as we can.

Option 2: Submit your custom order request information via email and we will enter it in our online ordering system for you. Please send the following to

Name: (First and Last Name)
Preferred Pickup Date & Time: 

(Must be Monday-Thursday: 9am-5pm Friday & Saturday: 9am-1pm)

Number of Servings needed:
Cake Flavor: (e.g., Chocolate Cake with vanilla frosting, Key-lime Cake with Coconut Frosting)
Cake Theme/Description: (Please be as descriptive as possible and provide as much detail to describe what your design requirements are for your event. For example, if this is a baby shower, please let us know what the color scheme and theme is for the event. Or, if this is a birthday, please specify details such as, this is for a 10-year old boy named Levi who loves Godzilla.)
Optional Image Upload: (Providing an image of a design that illustrates what you have in mind for your Cake/Theme Description will help us provide you an accurate quote. If you do not have a design in mind, please visit our Instagram feed or Facebook page for ideas that can be uploaded with your custom order request. Please note we do not copy the work of other artists as that infringes on a cake artist’s copyright. Providing an image for us is used solely to determine whether we can execute a similar level of artistry desired given the time available on our bake schedule for your designated pickup date. For example, if you provide a 3-tiered Winnie the Pooh themed cake picture for your event on a date when we have booked four weddings, we may not be able to accommodate your design requirements due to booked orders. Whereas, we might be able to accommodate Winnie the Pooh themed cupcakes for your event instead.)9\