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Hey there neighbor,

I'm Bekah!

I am a self-taught baker who believes in combining exotic flavors and social media-worthy experiences with my cakes- just browse our social media if you need some drool-worthy inspiration for your next occasion!

Don’t get me wrong, I grew up on boxed cake mixes and frostings- but as a professional, now all my cakes are made-from-scratch and completely custom made for you!  I made my first cake when I was  four, maybe five years old.  Growing up in Anchorage, AK, my sister and I had a lot of time on our hands (especially in the winter). Since we were hooked on quintessential Food Network shows like ‘Iron Chef’ we quickly put our competitive edge to the test and challenged each other to frequent “bake offs”  (thank you mom and dad for always handling the dishes). 

Following my 8 year old dreams of wanting to be a physician, I went to school on a mission to graduate early with a BA in Biology on a full ride scholarship. Life of course had other plans and I ended up transferring to the University of Maryland where I would graduate with a BA in English Language and Literature.  This degree has come in so handy- more so than I can probably tell you in just this tiny little bio!  Still, make no mistake, I have zero professional training when it comes to the culinary arts- just a ton of can-do attitude and a very stubborn personality. 

After a decade in the private education sector, I wanted something sweeter from life and found myself being part of The Hive with my younger sister Sally. While Sally has moved back home to Alaska we still are close even if we aren’t in the kitchen together. Now as the Lead Cake Artist of The Hive I still incorporate our cornerstone signature flavors and push the boundaries to continue to make new flavor and design pairings that our clients have come to love and expect from The Hive.

Since opening The Hive it has been


I have had the incredible opportunity of competing on two major televised baking competitions (and even took home some prize money): Netflix’s Sugar Rush (2020) and Food Network’s Holiday Wars (2021). 

We have the privilege of being

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As an award-winning (and 100% self-taught baker), I am proud to say that my cakes, confections, and culinary designs have been featured by the following:

The Hive Cake Shop serves the DMV metro area (Virginia, MD, DC) and beyond with many clients traveling to us regularly from Pennsylvania, West Virginia, the Carolinas, New York, and New Jersey!  We make custom cakes and orders for everyday occasions, weddings, and celebrities, too.  

I live in Brunswick, MD, just minutes from the cake shop with my husband and fur babies.  If and when I’m not making cakes I’m grabbing a great glass of red wine and pairing with a slice of my favorite cake which happens to be my very own Luscious Black Cocoa Guinness Cake with Aged Bourbon Chocolate Buttercream. 

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